Game of Thrones: The Five Best Sex Scenes From Seasons One, Two, and Three (NSFW)

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Littlefinger looks on as two of his prostitutes practice their trade.
Note: This post contains spoilers.

Game of Thrones is arguably best known for its brutally violent scenes. Last week's "Red Wedding" episode is a stark (har har) example of just how horrific the show can get.

The first season's baby-killing scenes most certainly turned a lot of people off to the entire series, but if you stuck with it, you're probably thankful you did. It is without a doubt one of the hottest television shows on right now, and for good reason. (It will hold a place in our top five shows of all time for the foreseeable future along with The Wire, Twin Peaks, Big Love, and Breaking Bad.)

But this is an HBO series we're talking about, so sex closely rivals the abundance of blood and gore. The show spawned the term "sexposition," after all.

To cleanse your palate after last week's episode, here are our five favorite sex scenes from the last three seasons of Game of Thrones, cause we know that's what you really want to see.

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5. Cersei and Jaime Lannister in the tower of Winterfell.
This is the sex that started it all. Brother and sister get caught diddling in the tower by a young Bran Stark. Jamie then pushes the boy from the tower window. It's no surprise this eventually led to a war between Starks and Lannisters.

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