Molding Cement Number Plates with Mesa Artist Yolanda Esquer

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Valerie Hoke
Esquer with molded cement number plates.

Who says cement is only for sidewalks? Nobody did, really. But Mesa concrete artist Yolanda Esquer certainly proves such a statement wrong. Esquer creates and sells unique concrete blocks, among other things, and she showed us a do-it-yourself way to make address number plates. They're a great way to personalize any home, and making them is so easy that we didn't even get dirty.

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- Number mold (foam children's puzzle pieces used here)
- Marble slab or any firm, flat surface to set cement on
- Cement trowel (a sturdy spatula will work)
- Approximately six cups of sand mix (Esquer uses Sakrete brand)
- One cup of dry cement (Esquer uses Portland brand)
- Large plastic bucket
- Water (access to a hose works best)

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