Dexter: Six Killer Sex Scenes From the Show (NSFW)

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Dexter (right) and Hannah McKay in the afterglow of their crazy tabletop twist.
Turns out fictional serial killer Dexter Morgan's not only a grim reaper but also a bit of a trim reaper. Over the past seven seasons of Showtime's blood-soaked drama Dexter, its anti-hero, portrayed in expert fashion by Emmy-winner Michael C. Hall, has not only engaged in mass amounts of justifiable homicides (current kill count: 125) but has also racked up many notches on his headboard.

Admittedly, the show is mainly about how Dexter offs the deserving and thereby copes with his Dark Passenger's unquenchable thirst for killing, but it also has depicted a slew of sexual situations (it's pay cable doncha know) involving its protagonist and other characters.

Warning: Spoilers follow.

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These scenes have not only offered titillation and satisfied Showtime's penchant for sex and nudity, but they've also illustrated Dexter's overall emotional growth from an unemotional knife-wielding robot to more of a human being as the series has progressed.

And maybe its the Freud inside us talking, but such things also get a little bit into the primal nature and occasional interplay of sex and death.

At any rate, since the final 12-episode run of the show debuts this Sunday night and promises much tumult and fallout resulting from the ultra-shocking cliffhanger that capped off last season, we're expecting that viewers probably won't see much in the way of bedroom shenanigans as things build to the end. (Plus, Dexter broke the heart of his most recent paramour after causing her to get locked up.)

So here's a look back at some of most twisted, overly dramatic, or downright kinky sex scenes from the first seven seasons of the program.

6. Dexter Morgan and Lumen Pierce: A Killer Romance
In the episodes following the murder of Dexter's wife Rita, the character made more than a few poor choices, including forming a really dysfunctional quasi-relationship/mentor-student bond with Lumen Pierce, Julia Stiles' disturbed character.

Like Dexter, she too had a "Dark Passenger," which was indulged as the pair avenged her brutal rape by helping tracking down and killing her attackers. As expected, they became intimate towards the end of the season, immediately after stabbing one of 'em to death, which we guess happened to be particular turn-on for the character. It's sort of a quiet scene, but speaks volumes about both characters.

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