This Week in Cute Animals: Fluffy Cows, Mouse Deer, Dwarf Foxes

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Although you might not admit it, we're guessing a good amount of your time on the Internet is spent looking at baby animals. It's okay, we're just as guilty for wasting countless productive hours oohing and awwing over the world's fluffiest creatures.

In fact, to solidify our obsession with the memed, miniature, and sometimes make-believe (we really wanted that mini-giraffe to be real), here are all the cute fluffy animals we stumbled upon this week that we never even knew existed.

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Fluffy Cows

Up until now, we've always been sort of indifferent to the cow. The question of owning a pet hef always boiled down to, "What would you even do with it?" But thanks to fluffy cows, the answer is simple, you brush it -- and braid it, and put elaborate bows in it, and dress it up in fancy costumes, and take pictures of it...

Honestly the possibilities are endless, so long as you know a tailor who specializes in livestock.

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