8 Tips for Summer Hiking in Arizona

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Nina Gruber
As the summer overtakes the Valley, the heat comes and we retreat indoors. But for those still eager to get outside, walk some trails, and climb some mountains, summer can be beautiful -- if you're prepared. Here are eight basic tips for hitting the trails in these triple-digit days. Despite the "duh" quality of some of these tips, these are crucial things to keep in mind for hikes in summer, when it can prove fatal if a "duh" turns into an "oops."

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Nina Gruber
Wear Appropriate Clothing
With so many people walking up the trails in jeans and flip-flops, we question whether or not this is so obvious. We're not saying that anyone needs to go on an REI shopping spree -- but flip-flops? You can do better than that. Grab some clothes that you're comfortable moving in and some sneakers to keep your feet happy on that walk. Blisters and chafing do not a happy hiker make.

Bring Water!
Bring more than you think. It may be heavy, but truth is you'd rather have too much than too little.

Time It Right
The heat hits heavy and it hits early, so what do you do? Go earlier. It is an unfortunate truth, but to have a more pleasant hike you have to wake up early and beat the heat. Bonus for you early birds: There's nothing quite like seeing the sunrise from the top of a mountain.

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Francisco Cortez
Francisco Cortez

Here's tip! How about not hike when it's 100+ outside duh!

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