Arizona's Three Best Summer Water Hikes

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Maurice Bosc
You may interpret "water hiking" as toting a portable mister along the trail up Camelback, but dear reader, there are places with real water, too. Wet hiking is a perfect way to explore Arizona while keeping cool. Canyons, creeks, and springs fill our desert landscape if you know where to look and where to hike.

So here are three options for wet hikes: an easy nature walk nearby, a moderate canyon exploration, and a difficult (but epic) gorge discovery. Read through, do some personal research, and if you're feeling up to going out and cooling down, choose the one that is right for you.

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Seven Springs
An easy getaway for a day trip this summer, Seven Springs is in the Tonto National forest, only about 20 miles north of Carefree. Located along the shallow waters of Cave Creek, this site is the starting point of many hikes of varying difficulty and opportunities for lots of other outdoor activities. A luscious part of Tonto, the Sycamore and Cottonwood trees offer shade from the summer sun and respite from the heat for wildlife and hikers alike. There isn't quite enough water to swim in, but the stream and its surroundings are beautiful.

To get there: Take Cave Creek Road north for 24 miles, with the last stretch as dirt road.

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WreckItWalsh moderator

When I went to the Salome Jug two years ago, the water was really low and a rappel was required for my group. 


apparently Salome has low waters and lots of wasps right now- might be better after we get some rain.

Lisa Perez
Lisa Perez

freakin AWESOME!!! I will do ONE of these hikes THIS weekend!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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