The Five Worst Summer Fashion Trends of 2013

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Images courtesy of Nasty Gal and American Apparel
Oh, come on.
Sadder than a bangs-less Zooey Deschanel, here are the five worst fashion trends you'll see this summer.

Overalls & Shortalls
Blossom Russo and Dorothy Jane Torkelson are allowed to be your fashion icons only if you are younger than 14 and the year is 1992. Got it?

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Images courtesy of Nasty Gal
Yes, these are tame examples. But, thanks to Ke$ha and Gwyneth, side-butt is about to get way more serious.

Giving new meaning to the phrase "piece of ass," here's the only thing that's managed to out-awful sideboob. (Seriously, though. Look at Ke$ha's side-butt.)

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Linda Marie Reiter
Linda Marie Reiter

Let's talk about a current trend that it is like a train wreck everytime I see it! The "GLASSES on the back of the head guy" I CAN'T take it. Can I get an amen on that?

Jackalope Ranch
Jackalope Ranch

Omg, Angelica, that is awful. Kathleen, I like Muffin Ooze or hip-chunk.

Kathleen Vanesian
Kathleen Vanesian

Angelica, this should be added to the list. From the people who brought you muffin top: Muffin Ooze.

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