The Shirt by Rochelle Behrens Is Here to Banish Sideboob

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Mind the gap.

It's a mantra that many women of all shapes and sizes are accustomed to thinking. Whether it's a meeting, interview, or any one of life's most somber moments, the shirt's gap never fails to make an untimely appearance. The pop of a button, the hint of a breeze, and ladies (hopefully) immediately know that everyone (yes, even the IT guy) can see their sideboob.

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Thankfully, Rochelle Behrens is on a mission to stop workplace wardrobe malfunctions with a strategically sewn button down guaranteed to protect the dignity of any and all bust sizes.

The Shirt, as it is so aptly called, uses patented "Dual Button Technology" and comes in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors.

And while the name of the product itself may be rather uninspired, we have to give its creator some credit for teaming up with the Upright Citizens Brigade to create one of the most comical clothing ads we've seen in a while (and admittedly, also one of the most relatable).

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this is the work of the devil.  Ban these shirts.  Free your boobs.


The only way you can see sideboob from a popped button is with an elaborate array of mirrors. Sideboob is visible from, you know, the side.

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