ASU's Center for Science and the Imagination Introduces Project Hieroglyph

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He started working with structural engineer Keith Hjelmstad of Arizona State University and they discovered it might be possible to build a pretty gigantic structure. Hjelmstad developed models to explore the structural requirements of a super tall tower while Stephenson began thinking about where such a tower could be placed. The tower conversation continues on the Hieroglyph website and now the team of collaborators includes aerospace engineering, digital modeling and architectural design.

Finn says he hopes to produce an anthology of stories that come out of the project by next year. But that won't be the end of the conversation.

"I'd like to see it continue indefinitely," he says. "We are expecting to get people from everywhere involved."

To get involved with project Hieroglyph you just have to register on the website. For more information visit the Center for Science and the Imagination website and click on the project Hieroglyph tab.

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