5 Things We Learned at Phoenix Comicon 2013

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Photos and video by Benjamin Leatherman
The Exhibitor Hall at Phoenix Comicon 2013.
If some of your geek friends have been a bit sluggish or down in the dumps the past couple days, it's only to be expected since they're probably suffering from a bout of post-Phoenix Comicon funk or still recovering from the event this past weekend. They'll probably recover from the affliction in short order, however, while going through all the photos they took or recalling all the things they saw, people they encountered, and sharing the experiences enjoyed during those four action-packed days. Maybe even a life lesson or two.

They ain't the only ones who discovered something about themselves or others during Comicon, as we also gained some insights while attending. And we're happy to share what we learned with you.

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The Babylon 5 reunion on Saturday at Phoenix Comicon.

5. Reunions can be a blast
Back in 1994 when Babylon 5 first premiered on the quasi-broadcast channel Prime Time Entertainment Network, there were some who labeled it a rip-off of the similarly space station-based series Star Trek: Deep Space 9. (It's been widely speculated over the years, however, that the reverse may have been true). Despite such claims, the J. Michael Straczynski-helmed sci-fi show was able to forge its own path over the course of five seasons, become a landmark television show in the process, and win over millions of fans.

Hundreds of those same B5 aficionados crowded into a ballroom on the Saturday afternoon of Comicon to watch a reunion of Straczynski and more than a dozen of the actors from the program (with the notable exception of Bruce Boxleitner, who dropped out at the last minute to film a Hallmark movie). It went on for close to two hours, but the time seemed to fly by as behind-the-scenes secrets were revealed and old memories of working together were unearthed.

Jerry Doyle causes J. Michael Straczynski to laugh while telling a story about Andreas Katsulas.

Straczynski seemed to dominate the discussion at many points as he gushed, spinning often-funny yarns about his baby, including how he got back at Peter Jurasik (Londo Mollari) for embarrassing him by writing a love scene and possibly gender-bending moment between his character and Ambasador G'Kar (played by the late Andreas Katsulas) and what it was like giving fodder for such esteemed actors to work with, including the unforgettable moment when G'Kar and Londo are trapped in an elevator.

Other actors shared anecdotes about the eccentric and enormously talented Katsulas (like Jerry Doyle's story about how he would obsess over groceries when the two shared a residence) and other dearly departed actors who appeared on B5. A special "In Memoriam" clip was also screened.

Basically, it felt as though no time had passed since 1998 when Babylon 5 went off the air.

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