Phoenix Comicon 2013 in 26 Animated GIFs

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Photo and GIFs by Benjamin Leatherman
Cue up some of Meco's Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk, stat!
Describing Phoenix Comicon 2013 as busy would be a major understatement. As is the case with each and every version of the annual geek free-for-all, it was a vast hive of activity spread across the entirety of the Phoenix Convention Center, as well as adjacent venues and hotels.

We attempted to capture as much of the action, energy, and movement of Comicon as possible -- including the hubbub of the Exhibitor Hall, the chaos of cosplayers, the frenzied Zombie Walk, and the after-hours verve at various parties -- in more than two-dozen animated GIFs. There's more than a few unforgettable moments from special guests, including the always entertaining John Barrowman.

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 photo MOV02103_zps2cad358b.gif
The Force is With Her
Nice lightsaber moves, lassie, but any faux Jedi knows you don't grab it by the blade (unless you wanna pull a Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back).

 photo Moviea_zps7bba7314.gif
Zombie Bombing
This volunteer with the Department of Zombie Defense was freakin' pumped -- especially when chanting "D...O...Z...D!" -- prior to the Zombie Walk on Friday night, but not as much as the wiseacre video bomber behind him.

 photo MOV02102_zps9ad0cb39.gif
Gandalf's Big Moment
Follow along at home as this Lord of the Rings fan portrays the wizard's defining oft-quoted declaration from the trilogy and bellows, "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!"

 photo MOV02040_zps749b19a3.gif
Ancient Geek Warfare
A nerd-fight staged in the hallways of the Phoenix Convention Center. It's just like the Renaissance Festival, only with hyperactive costume dorkzoids instead of smelly costumed hippies.

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Phoenix Convention Center

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