Five Must-Attend Arts and Culture Events This Week in Metro Phoenix

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We know. The beginning of the work week sucks. But if you take a quick look at the New Times calendar, you'll see we have plenty of art haps, sporting events, dance parties, and more. Here are the must-attend events from now to the weekend.

Monday, May 20: Craft Hack @ Gangplank HQ
Emulate as we might, we are not and will never be Martha Stewart-style domestic goddesses. Our attention to detail, ability to organize, and DIY spirit will never match that of the millionaire mogul. We need support in our attempts at craftiness, and, luckily, we aren't alone in the matter.

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Enter Craft Hack, the co-working meetup where aspiring (and established) crafters can stitch, glue, and glitter in the supportive, creative confines of Gangplank HQ. Every third Monday at 6 p.m., the free event offers networking and demos. Bring your projects and a smidge of can-do spirit to the monthly craftathon. -- Becky Bartkowski

Tuesday, May 21: Lost In Bonkers @ Herberger Theater Center
The hectic 40-hour workweek provides minimal solace, aside from an eagerly anticipated lunch break or stealing away a few rounds of Angry Birds while on the toilet. An hour away from coworkers can make you wonder if you actually have anxiety issues, or if your state of mind is just a product of your environment.

Lost in Bonkers takes a comedic look at psychoses during lunchtime, as Shana and Joe Bousard and Dominik Rebilas lead a musical journey through Psych 101. Neither Freud nor Oedipus is safe from tickling your funny bone, as the cabaret crew pokes fun at multiple personalities through amusing songs and stories. All guests receive a free diagnosis with admission -- and are welcome to bring lunch. Admission is $6. Showtime is 12:10 p.m. at Herberger Theater Center. -- Melissa Fossum

Location Info


Gangplank HQ

260 S. Arizona Ave., Chandler, AZ

Category: General

Herberger Theater Center

222 E. Monroe St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Maricopa County Extension Office

4341 E. Broadway Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

Phoenix Convention Center

100 N. Third St., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

The Torch Theatre

4721 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ

Category: General

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