Artcade Lounge Finds a Home in Downtown Phoenix and Will Open Later This Year

Courtesy of Artcade Lounge
Invading a downtown Phoenix space in the months ahead.
Local gamers, start digging through couch cushions and hoarding every quarter possible. You're gonna need 'em a couple of months from now when the Artcade Lounge opens its doors in downtown Phoenix

Ariel Bracamonte and Nico Paredes, the pair behind the popular Artcade Show earlier this year (which featured vintage games used as canvases for local artists), announced Wednesday that they've found a location for a similarly themed arcade/nightspot concept. And by happenstance, it's the exact same spot where the Artcade exhibition took place.

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The pair posted on Facebook on Wednesday that they secured the downtown space formerly occupied by Parazol Studios, the host of the one-night video games-meets-urban art exhibition during February's First Friday, as the home of Artcade Lounge.

"It must be fate!!!" the pair stated via Facebook.

Maybe so, but it came after more than five months of hunting for a place to house the combination arcade, nightspot, and gallery. Back when Paredes and Bracamonte first announced the Artcade Show in late December, they told Jackalope Ranch that the exhibition would serve as a prelude and interest-builder to the Artcade Lounge spot itself, which they've been hoping to launch for more than two years now.

Since then, the pair checked out many potential venues throughout downtown for months as the location of Artcade Lounge, which at onetime was going to be called "El Barcade," until they landed the former home of multipurpose arts/event venue Parazol Studios.

Paredes told Jackalope Ranch via Facebook chat Wednesday night that "it feels great" to finally have a space for Artcade Lounge locked down.

"You know, we're just two downtown rats that just wanted to open something cool down here and basically be our own bosses," Paredes states. "We invested our life savings into it, which by other place's standard is basically peanuts, so we ran into trouble finding something we could afford."

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Artcade Lounge

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This is super exciting.

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Troy Farah Faucet

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