Flashbang: The NRA's Bra Gun Holster That'll Keep Your Cans Close to the Trigger

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Fresh out of the gun show/NRA Convention over the weekend comes good news for every gun-toting woman with a need to keep her business under wraps.

Introducing the Flashbang.

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Available for purchase (for a cool $39.95) on the NRA website, the Flashbang joins the ranks of Thunderwear and is designed to attach the the middle of the bra and clip on just under the under-wire.

According to the NRA, the band and leather strap will keep the holster steady while you pull your gun out of your cleavage -- "Simply pull up your shirt with one hand and pull down on your pistol with the other -- in a matter of seconds you've safely deployed your self-defense sidearm."

... given it doesn't slip out of your hands due to excessive boob sweat or give the impression that you're attempting to flash your attacker while you struggle to get the gun that's now dangerously wedged between your cans.

The holster joins a line of sleek, fashionable women's items from the NRA including the Pink Digital Camo Cap, the NRA Sterling Silver Eagle Silhouette Pendant, the NRA Sterling Silver Eagle Necklace & Earrings, and the NRA Infant Bib for the little ones.

The Flashbang also comes in different sizes to fit different firearms that are all likely to show through your shirt (unless you have a seriously impressive rack).

But for under 40 bucks, the NRA logo never looked so sexy.

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They need a male version for all the fat old white guys.    

"No longer will they laugh at your man-boobs...if they know what's good for them!"

Tom Lucas
Tom Lucas

Well, hard to hide with a sleek outfit, but girls go for it ... If you are holding heat, well let them know. All the guys hold their heat where you can see it ... Kind if a guy thing.

Brad West
Brad West

Sure to be a big hit on dates.

Lori Hamilton Eike
Lori Hamilton Eike

pretty close to your heart if there is some kind of accident...I am just sayin

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