Mike Mignola on Hellboy 3, Sending the Character to Hell, and If He'll End Up There, Too

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Mike Mignola's Hellboy
Let's just get this out of the way: Renowned comic book creator Mike Mignola has no earthly idea if Hollywood will ever get around to making Hellboy 3, the third cinematic portrayal of his signature red-skinned character. It's a question that the 52-year-old artist and scribe will get hit with often at various events, and we're certain that fanboys and geeks alike will be asking it during Mignola's visit to this weekend's Phoenix Comicon, where he'll appear from Friday through Sunday.

Frankly, he's pretty resigned to the fact that Hellboy 3 may never become a reality, although he'd love to see it happen, and told Jackalope Ranch as much during a phone interview earlier this week. We also discussed the ongoing Hellboy in Hell series, which debuted last year and damned the loveable humanoid demon and his "Right Hand of Doom" into Hades and, thus, a whole new direction for the character. Mignola gushed about his excitement over getting to explore a whole new world and how he anticipates adapting different folkloric portrayals of Hell for future issues, whenever he gets around to turning them out.

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Your panels at events like Phoenix Comicon are almost as instructional as they are Q&A sessions where you detail your drawing style in-between answering questions from fanboys.
Yeah. I'll talk about whatever anybody else wants to talk about. I've got no pre-prepared spiel and I'm not a big PR promotion machine, so I try to throw that stuff open to questions and answers right away.

Will you have the overhead projector going at your panel?
No, no. Because, again, I have no idea what we are going to be talking about. Usually the first question is about, "Is there going to be a third Hellboy movie?" And then after that it really can be on anything since there are so many different books I'm involved in now. It covers a pretty wide range of topics.

So, is there going to be a third Hellboy movie?
[Laughs] Yeah, I brought that one on myself. You know, it would be nice. There is certainly nothing in the works.

We wanted to get the definitive answer, since there were conflicting reports online.
Yeah. Something came out, I quite innocently said in another interview where I was talking about something else, whatever I was talking about, and I said there is nothing going on with Hellboy 3. And a lot of people picked that up like it was news, even though I've been saying the same thing for years now.

Somehow, people are making it sound like it was my fault that there was no movie and somehow stopping a third movie from being done. And all I'm saying is, "You've asked me if one is being done and I'm saying no." It doesn't mean I wouldn't like for one to happen, but I'd know if they were making a third one, and they are not making a third one...at least not now.

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