Doctor Who and Torchwood's John Barrowman Talks Phoenix Comicon, the Face of Boe, and Chasing Down the Bionic Woman

What movies or television shows are you currently into?
I've loved all the recent Avenger/Marvel and DC films . . . I wish I had more time to watch television and go to movies. But I don't so I generally catch up on full seasons of television when I travel -- thank God for technology and my iPad. Right now, I'm finishing The Walking Dead and I'm watching Game of Thrones . . . and Arrow, of course.

Do you think Doctor Who will ever have a male companion (that isn't just the sidekick of his female companion)?
Anything's possible in the Whovian universe.

Why isn't there going to be a Jack Harkness appearance in the 50th anniversary special for Doctor Who?
No idea.

What special care did you take when creating and portraying possibly the first bisexual male hero featured on television ever?
Obviously, as a gay man, I was extremely proud that I was going to play a bisexual hero and I understood how important Jack's character was going to be to audiences, but, honestly, I tried not to over think it.

Why is it important for Doctor Who and other sci-fi TV shows to have gay, bisexual, and "sexually flexible" characters?
Because the world we live in is made up of all kinds of people, and lots of sci-fi fans are LBGTQ. I think sci-fi shows are often in the forefront of acceptance and advocacy of important social issues.

Do you think Harkness' promiscuity feeds into a negative stereotype toward the gay and bisexual community at all?
No. Captain Jack's from the 51st century. There's no such thing as promiscuity.

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