Eureka!: Isac Amaya Foundation Calls for Creative Fundraising Ideas for College Students

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Courtesy of the Isac Amaya Foundation
German Cadenasa student who received a scholarship from the foundation
For years, the Isac Amaya Foundation has been raising funds for scholarships to distribute to Arizona students to attend college and/or a university.

But now they have a new strategy: empower students to raise money themselves.

To make that happen, they're asking for creative fundraising strategies from innovative people, like you. Think you might have the right moves to help students raise some cash for higher education? Submit an idea and you could also walk away with $2,000.

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The foundation aims to help minorities and disadvantaged youth enroll in higher education institutions both in Arizona and around the country. Since 2006, they've given dozens of students more than $15,000 in scholarship money. They've also educated more than 1,000 Phoenix-area families about the college admissions process.

So far, they've been raising money through fundraising and events but realized that if they want to be able to sustain their work, they need a new strategy. That's why they're looking for innovative ways students can pay for school themselves. To generate ideas they're holding the Eureka! contest.

"Our organization generally works to raise funds and give them to students in the form of scholarships so they can pay for school," said Eduardo Bernal of the foundation in a press release. "We want to continue to do that but we also want to find ways to help students pay for their own education in a sustainable way; we want to build fundraising capacity."

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