10 Life Lessons Learned from Bill Hader's Saturday Night Live Character Stefon (in GIFS)

Courtesy of NBC
New York's hottest club is called Stefon's donezo.

It's that thing where we are really, really bummed about Bill Hader leaving Saturday Night Live. This Saturday, May 18, the final SNL episode featuring Hader as a cast member will air on NBC. Hader has plans to move to Los Angeles with his family and continue making movies. (His IMDB page shows that he has some 11 projects in the works.) During his tenure on the comedy standby, Hader portrayed Julian Assange, James Carville, and Al Pacino, among others.

But we'll miss Hader's character Stefon most of all. The Weekend Update regular served as anchor Seth Meyers' city correspondent, who reported on hot new clubs, like You're Mother and I are Separating and Uuuuntz, and everything they offered (you know: Balogna Danza, Soul Patch Adams, black George Washington). Stefon taught us a lot. Here's a look back at some of the life lessons we learned.

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10.The word "boners" is always funny. Always.

9. Don't be afraid to werk it.

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Stella Luna
Stella Luna

No. Too much of a good thing is still too much. I'd rather he remain a fond memory, and maybe an occasional guest on SNL.

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