10 Self-Tanner Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

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Gigi Arredondo
Pool parties, BBQs, and long lake days means summer is just about here -- and with it come shorts and bikinis. Since we won't be ordering an at-home lipo kit anytime soon, getting a tan is the easiest way to look a few pounds lighter, reduce cellulite, and get more muscle definition. Thankfully, the days of Playboy sticker tan lines from time spent baking in a bed are long gone. Here are the top tips for getting that perfect summer glow at home -- sunkissed sans sun.

1. Choose the right tanner for you. If you are a self-tanner virgin, go with a product that can gradually build up color, like Jergens Natural Glow, or pick out the lightest color you can find. This way you can see a hint of color and decide if you need to seek help from tanning pros. If you've done this dance before, then try out various brands and colors by doing patch tests.

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2. Allow for proper time. Do not try to put self-tanner on two hours before hitting the pool. You won't see any color difference, and it will just wash off. Done properly, the entire ritual will take between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on how fast you get it down. Your tan will develop over the span of four to eight hours, so you should start the application process the day before you're beach-bound to achieve the best staying results and color.

3. Don't wear white or light colors the same day you apply your tan. The potential for transferring the tanner onto your white clothes is high, and if you sweat at all . . . fuhgedaboutit! Your clothes will look like tie-dye in a lovely shade of baby poo.

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