Beardvertising Brings Ads to Beards

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In case you haven't heard, the mustache look is out (thank God). In its wake, facial hair fanatics have turned to the more rugged (albeit less summer-practical) trend of Beard Nation.

With untamed face foliage garnishing the landscapes of indie rock concerts, bike shops, and coffee bars nationwide, media masterminds have discovered a new way to bring mobile advertising to hipsters' most frequented hotspots. It's called beardvertising.

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Finally, hipsters can get paid to wear shit in their beards. With patent pending clip-on beardboards, you can promote your man hairs and their sponsors, making a cool $5 bucks daily.

Except not really. is a joke site launched by Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions. The advertising agency represents clients such as Applebees, Eagle One, and A&W Restaurants -- which just so happens to be the brand sponsored through beardvertising.

The A&W chain is refreshing its look to attract a younger customer base with social media campaigns that are both funny and clearly fake.

Sorry, beardos -- looks like you wore those Chips Ahoy cookies on your face for nothing.

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Just another sign of the impending apocalypse.

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