Give Up on These 5 Impossible Hair Trends

Don't try tie-dye.
Hair chalking, pastel locks, and intricate braids can be fun to try, but they also can be hard on your hair and impossible to do without an extra set of hands. Yeah, your favorite pinners and bloggers might make these hair trends look glamorous. Unfortunately, unless you're a celebrity with a personal hair stylist or a collector of hair tools, these styles are hard to maintain. Here are five that you shouldn't even bother attempting.

Tie-Dye Hair: Trying to add some funk in your life? Go get a new top or some funky shoes instead of DIY destruction on your locks. This hair trend should only be attempted by a professional -- and even then it takes the right person to pull it off.

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Braids: A normal braid is okay, but the trend is getting a little cray-zay! Waterfall, fishtail and four- and six-strand braids will most likely require an extra set of hands.

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Julie Peterson
Julie Peterson

Try to dye it blond without using bleach to play Anna Nicole Smith in a sketch, then dye the resulting mess dark brown shortly thereafter just for a change, resulting in overprocessed charcoal greenish hair resembling a wet ashtray.

Dawn Lott
Dawn Lott

i really do love love this girls hair!! the colors are awesome and would do this myself if i could figure out how to grade the colors like that and where to get the dye that will work right

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