Anarchy Squared Creations' Allen Amis on His Infamous Samurai Boba Fett Armor, How Hard Rock Inspires Costume-Making, and More

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Courtesy of Allen Amis/Anarchy Squared Creations
The Far East meets a galaxy far, far away: Allen Amis' Samurai Boba Fett armor that took seven months to build.
Some geeks slave over a killer cosplay outfit to wear at their hometown comic book convention. It earns them a variety of impressed stares, photo ops, and maybe some local notoriety. But when Valley prop maker/costume creator Allen Amis, who operates Anarchy Squared Creations, trotted out a full suit of samurai armor remixed with one of the sci-fi's most infamous rogues, it nabbed him worldwide acclaim and serious geek points across the Internet. Sites like i09, Neatorama, and others dug it hard.

Last year, the 40-something Chandler resident unveiled a Samurai Boba Fett costume at Phoenix Comicon that took him more than seven months and a couple thousand in change to construct. Given geekdom's unending groking of the Star Wars villain, it's no surprise what happened next.

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It went over like gangbusters. Amis got voluminous amounts of love from the geek blogosphere (as well as lotsa in-person squeeing at Phoenix Comicon and the most recent San Diego Comicon) from the intricately detailed costume that mashed up the BAMF bounty hunter's Mandalorian gear with the armor of a traditional samurai warrior.

Amis took the concept art sketches of the ronin-like Manadalorian super-commando created by Arizona artist Clinton Felker and made it an epic-looking reality. Suffice it to say, it was a galaxy-sized hit that also recalled the Star Wars saga's roots in Akira Kurosawa's oeuvre and other bits of medieval Japanese lore.

Google the phrase "Samurai Boba Fett" and it's the second most popular link after Felker's original concept art. And it's also a part of literary history, as the evil-looking ensemble was included in the newly released book 1,000 Incredible Costume and Cosplay Ideas by über-influential cosplay goddess Yaya Han.

Amis spends his days working as a building maintenance tech over at Intel's Chandler plant, while nights are devoted to crafting his props, armor, and costuming inspired by video games and movies inside his (admittedly) cluttered two-bedroom pad.

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