We're Doomed: "Tanning Mom" Patricia Krentcil Goes Topless and Untanned (NSFW)

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In this week's reminder of the world's inevitable and fiery end, 45-year-old, shake-and-bake Patricia Krentcil of New Jersey decided it was a good idea to do a topless photo shoot on an unnamed beach.

Fair warning: What you're about to see is a less toasty version of Krentcil, who was under fire (and not just from the sun's surface) for allegedly taking her daughter to a local tanning salon and put her in one of the booths.

"It's like taking your daughter to go food shopping," Krentcil said in 2012. "There's tons of moms that bring their children in."

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Patricia Krentcil and her daughter in 2012
Before you totally lose your lunch, there's no evidence of Krentcil's likely un-sunscreened child on the beach during her shoot -- though Krentcil's rumored to be in the works with a self-tanning lotion called 'Real Tan Mom Healthy Glow' with skin guru Dana Ramos.

The photos, via Pacific Coast News, are definitely NSFW.

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Well, that answers the question of 'whatever happened to Magda after There's Something About Mary'.


Yep. Well.

Looks like she needs more gym time and less tanning time if she wants to go nekkid on the beach..


It's Golum's mother

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