Pyramid Country Presents Phoenix Skate/Art Video "Couchlock Odyssey"

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photo: Ty Bush
Aric Blattner- FS wallride- as seen in Couchlock Odyssey
Phoenix skateboarding clothing company, Pyramid Country celebrated the 4/20 with the release of its latest eye candy video featuring skateboarding tricks, 3D art, and a whole lot of weirdness, that's now online.

Pyramid Country includes skateboarders Aric Blattner, Pat Green, Cameron Harper, Ryan Sublette, Marshall Winter, Evan Okeson, Justin Modica, Tyler Franz, and AJ Zavala who teamed up with videographer Jackson Casey and Phoenix artist JJ Horner to put together a 19-minute reel.

Check it out after the jump ...

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Couchlock Odyssey joins a long list of videos the group has produced and released on YouTube that are fun to watch not only for the unbelievable tricks, but for the showcase of sweet skate spots throughout Phoenix.

Pyramid Country

You can check out Pyramid Country's video collection on its website, along with a collection of T-shirts and locally designed merchandise.

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