Phoenix Film Festival Spotlight: Alev Aydin's Lonely Boy

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Heather Hoch
The cast and crew of Lonely Boy at the 2013 Phoenix Film Festival.
Everyone copes with tragedy differently. Actor Alev Aydin wrote Lonely Boy after experiencing the effects brain cancer had on his mother, which resulted in symptoms similar to schizophrenia. His film, in which he also plays the lead as Franky, explores the hardship of having that mental illness while trying to find love in the city.

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On the surface, Lonely Boy seemed torn directly from indie favorites like Lars and the Real Girl with I Heart Huckabees. The uniqueness of the film's script and plot is where it distinguished itself. Without pretension, the characters speak openly to one another in a realistic manner, even though some of those characters are just in Franky's mind.

After a few nagging visits from his incredibly concerned sister Betsy (Melora Walters) and a blind date gone horribly wrong, Franky's sure he'll spend life with only his hallucinated companions by his side. When Franky meets Alex (Natalie Distler), a grocery store clerk with a spunky, spontaneous edge, it's hard to tell if she's really there or just another elaborate delusion formed by his psychosis.

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