A Sneak Peek at Luster Kaboom's FunHouse at Scottsdale Public Library

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Photo by Claire Lawton, art by Dave Quan
Whenever Dave Quan comes back to town, we know he's up to something creative. The artist (who also goes by Luster Kaboom) moved to New York last year, but he comes back to his hometown every once in a while to paint a new mural or collaborate with old friends.

But he says this return trip is special, and by the time he jumps back on a plane to New York, he'll have finished a massive floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall installation inside Scottsdale's Civic Center Library.

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Photo by Claire Lawton, art by Dave Quan
In partnership with Scottsdale Public Art, Quan has created a massive interactive exhibition for all ages with a few of the artist's signature characters and some big surprises.

The FunHouse includes circus-inspired murals and underwater scenes, as well as interactive dioramas, fortune tellers, funhouse mirrors, and a two-story interactive display.

Photo by Claire Lawton, art by Dave Quan
Quan says he was approached by Scottsdale Public Art a year ago with the idea of a kid-friendly installation that would create an environment for library-goers to play and interact. He immediately bit.

The artist is well known for his goofy characters and detailed airbrush work that jumps off of every wall he's painted (see The Chocolate Factory, Trunk Space, even The New Times Building). He's done a series of illustrations for New Times, as well as a series of comics, called Magical Moment based on his interactions with friends.

But for inspiration for his environment, Quan says he turned to his kids.

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Scottsdale Civic Center Library

3839 N. Drinkwater Blvd., Scottsdale, AZ

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