A Mystery Jackalope Ranch Sticker Giveaway

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stickers by Phoenix artists, poster by Claire Lawton
We have a birthday to celebrate.

This week, Jackalope Ranch is three years old, and in celebration of the creatives who continue to shape this community and those who've contributed to our exhibitions, projects, and coverage for the last three years, we're bringing out our reserve of limited-edition jackalope stickers.

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jackalope sticker phiends2.JPG
Claire Lawton
From September 2011 to April 2013, we commissioned 30 Phoenix artists to draw, design, paint, illustrate, and embroider a jackalope for a limited-edition sticker series (plus a special sticker for Sticker Phiends).

During Artopia, the celebration of our Big Brain Awards finalists tomorrow night at Monarch Theatre, we'll be handing out a number of the posters above.

And for the next week, we'll be mailing one or two of the stickers from our archive to our readers. Want a mystery sticker? Email Claire.Lawton@newtimes.com with a note about the best art (whether it was an exhibition, a mural, a wheat paste, a piece of public art, etc.) you've seen in Phoenix, plus an address we can mail a sticker to.

Entries will be accepted through next Friday, May 3.

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