GameCoLab: A Game Developer Community Space Is Coming to Downtown Phoenix

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Game developers across the Valley will have a new place to meet up and get productive when GameCoLab opens next month in downtown Phoenix.

Co-founders Ben Reichert and Joseph Darnell have designed GameCoLab as a co-working space for game developers that will foster inspiration and innovative ideas by giving programmers a new, refreshing work environment.

"Do your sleeping and relaxing at home," Reichert says, "but come out to a place where you can be productive with your work."

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More than 200 people have signed up for e-mail updates on the project at, and the first official member paid his membership fees last week.

Reichert said GameCoLab should open in early May at Levine Machine, a renovated warehouse on Grant Street. He envisions it appealing to anyone involved in game design, including programmers, artists, marketing personnel, and more.

There's a surprising number of game developers in the area, Reichert said, and he and Darnell decided to offer a place for them to get together, network and program collaboratively.

"They're coming out of the woodwork," Reichert says.

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