Fundawear: Durex's Vibrating Underwear Controlled with an iPhone App (VIDEO)

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Because nothing is more romantic than sending a big, vibrating hello to your partner's underwear through an iPhone app, Durex has good news.

Introducing Fundawear.

The high-tech undies (bra, underwear, and briefs included) allow couples to "touch each other over the Internet" and are being dubbed by the condom manufacturer as "The Future of Foreplay."

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The app includes cartoon-ish diagrams of your partner's underwear. When the user taps and moves his/her finger across those areas, the corresponding parts of the underwear vibrate on the wearer's body.

To the disappointment of long-distance couples everywhere, the underwear isn't on the market yet -- though Durex Australia is hosting a Facebook contest for a free giveaway.

See how the whole thing works below:

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Flyer9753 topcommenter

Gives a whole new meaning to "reach out and touch someone"!

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