Documentary Filmmaker Jill Morley Talks About Her New Film Fight Like a Girl Screening at Phoenix Film Festival

Hopefully your Phoenix Film Festival list of movies to see isn't already full, because you're going to want to add Fight Like a Girl, a film told from a first person perspective about the greatly unknown world of women's boxing.

We talk with the film's director and star, Jill Morley, about why she wanted to get involved with women's boxing, what she learned about herself, and how she used the sport as a catalyst to overcome her inner demons.

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Risk Imagery/Courtesy of Jill Morley
Morley, who was born in New Jersey and lived in New York for 20 years, says she had been interested in competitive boxing for a long time, and at age 40, decided to go for it.

"I realized I better do it before I get too old, so I figured it was my chance," says Morley. "I used to be an actress, so I didn't want to get my face beat in when I was acting. Now I'm a filmmaker, so I'm like, I can get my face beat in."

Morley started boxing over seven years ago and says that when she started training, she kept meeting so many amazing women whose stories she wanted to tell.

"I was learning about them and I was learning about myself," says Morley. "It was basically that we were confronting our demons through competitive boxing, and we were using boxing as a way to heal. Which sounds counterintuitive, because it's known to be such a violent sport."

Morley says that it's through the training and bonding of the other women, plus the experiences she put herself through while training and fighting, that gives her so much confidence and self-esteem.

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First "Stripped," and now this -- who's paying for Jill Morley to live in New York, make C- documentaries, and dabble in offbeat professions so she can claim to have "been one?"  Must be nice...


@IanChickenShit I LOVED Stripped and can't wait to see Fight Like A Girl.  You got some work to do on those ABCs.  


@lancechendrickson  Must be nice to sit on the sidelines and criticize people who actually do things; especially when you have no idea what you are talking about.  Must be nice...

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