Casebeer's "The Sentence Camera" Explores Human Dialogue, Snapshots, and Sharpie Markers at Tilt Gallery

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Photos courtesy of Casebeer
For the past five years, Casebeer has been taking notes.

The Phoenix artist (who goes by her last name only) went to school for creative writing and says she started painting and collaging when she had a bad case of writer's block. But for the past few years, the words have started to come back.

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Photo of Casebeer's one of many typewriters by Claire Lawton
She calls her process "The Sentence Camera," which has been a five-year project/habit of writing down bits of overheard dialogue on her arm in Sharpie marker.

"It began at a party in an art studio my friend and I had painted into a life-size, vintage, Fisher-Price house," she writes. "Everyone there was wearing helmets. It was another curious landscape in life, and I had decided to shut up for once and write down selected sentences overheard from the gathering. My idea was to take these "snapshots" of the language of that night."

She says people seemed to get nervous when she wrote down what they were saying in a notebook, and that for whatever reason, writing words down on her arms became less threatening. (And, yes, though she's run the idea by Sharpie, the company doesn't recommend writing on your arm for five years.)

Last summer, Casebeer talked to fellow artists Melanie and Michelle Craven, who own Tilt Gallery, a photography-focused space in Scottsdale, about her project. The Cravens were interested and offered her a solo exhibition. Though putting together that much work is something she hadn't done in a few years, Casebeer says, this exhibition came together in one of the most natural and cohesive ways.

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Tilt Gallery

7077 E. Main St., Scottsdale, AZ

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