UPDATED: Two Explosions and Dozens of Injuries Reported at the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon (Video)

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Two explosions have been reported at the Boston Marathon finish line at 2:50 p.m. EDT.

Thousands of people were gathered to watch runners finish the race this afternoon. The headquarters at the Boston Marathon have since been locked down.

Update (5:39 p.m. EDT): If you're looking for a runner who participated in The Boston Marathon, you can use this Google Person Finder.

Update (4:18 p.m. EDT): According to the Associated Press, Boston Police Department have confirmed 2 dead, 23 injured in 2 explosions near the marathon finish line. Intelligence officials say two more explosive devices found at Boston Marathon are being dismantled.

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Local news stations out of Boston have reported dozens of injuries as well as damage to nearby storefronts. Witnesses are saying the first blast was across the street from the Lenox Hotel in Boston. The second explosion happened about 15 seconds later.

According to Boston's NewsCenter 5, victims are being rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital.

It's the Boston Marathon's 117 annual race. Boston police confirmed that there were two explosions and casualties, but are not saying who/what might be responsible.

WBZ, Boston's CBS news affiliate caught the explosions live on camera. See the video here:

Stay tuned for more information ...

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Trudy Vick Phillips
Trudy Vick Phillips

Tell all the stations to reduce their IDs at the bottom of the screen- it takes up a quarter of the image = flash it occasionally or make it smaller it is very annoying.


My heart goes out to everyone and their families... Lets see how they leverage the pain and suffering of these victims to invade our lives / privacy this time. 


:( ridiculous that this kind of stuff continues to happen


@jasonxoc "My heart goes out"...but its all about me.  Your empathy sounds incredibly insincere.

Flyer9753 topcommenter

@jasonxoc @david_saint01  

I would have to agree. 

I find it more than a little coincidental that every time the discussion starts about how much security is enough vs our liberties, which is a subject that has been getting more attention lately in the press, something like this happens.

I don't believe in coincidents

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