Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention's 21 Best Looks

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Melissa Fossum
Not only do these folks look great, they were also part of the fire show.

The Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention was a hit, as former movie studio/living history theme park Old Tucson Studios came to life this weekend, full of folks showing off costumes that reimagined the Victorian era. The parameters of the steampunk genre are loosely defined as Victorian science fiction, which in a sense embodies how people like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells imagined the future.

Old Tucson was once again full of outlaws and gunslingers, only this time the weaponry included rayguns and lasers. It was a cold and rainy weekend, but guests still flaunted their creativity with homemade costumes. Check out the best of the best after the jump.

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Girls with goggles and bustles.

Melissa Fossum

The outfit bottoms are a little pedestrian, but the top halves make these gals look like aviation heroes.

Melissa Fossum

These ladies wanna fly, too.

Melissa Fossum

She did a great job with details, those opera glasses could come in handy.

Melissa Fossum

These no nonsense gals still looked great in photos.

Melissa Fossum

What do pirates have to do with steampunk? Who knows, but she's carrying a freakin' octopus instead of a parrot.

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