Beyond Buckskin and Presence 4.0 Fashion Show Combined Native Style and Community in Downtown Phoenix

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Photos by Kate Crowley
Fierce models post in a variety of styles at the Beyond Buckskin and Presence 4.0 Fashion Show

Wednesday night's fashion show hosted by Beyond Buckskin Boutique and ladies of the Presence 4.0, was as much about the audience as it was about the models and the clothes. Roughly 150 people, packed tightly into Ra Industries in downtown Phoenix for the fun we-aren't-taking-ourselves-too-seriously show.

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The models were volunteers comprising members of the Native Greek organizations Alpha Pi Omega and Phi Sigma Nu, along with some local well-known artists and scenesters. Street fashion clothing and jewelry, along with some couture items from the Beyond Buckskin Boutique, were presented, and the show was MC'd by the fashionable and articulate Dr. Jessica Metcalfe, founder of the boutique. The ladies of Presence 4.0 gave heartfelt welcomes in English and in Navajo before the show and say they plan to make this collaborative show an annual event.

Photo by Kbaa Beck.
The hosts, Chelsea Chee, Nanibaa Beck and Jaclyn Roessel of Presence 4.0 and Jessica Metcalfe of Beyond Buckskin
There was a crowd, to be sure. Folks were spilling into the parking lot, and it took a bit of corralling and encouragement from the hosts to find a suitable spot for everyone. Seating was reserved for elders, and guests filed in to form rows or found a spot to settle in on the floor. Everyone in the largely Native audience whipped out phones and cameras, eager to capture friends modeling and the dynamic ensembles coming down the catwalk to the beats of the music.

About 16 models took to the taped off runway in several rounds to showcase everything from the edgy to the elegant. Standouts were a floor-length green satin gown with beading by JT Willie (Navajo) and a jacket ensemble with spikes by Jamie Okuma (Luiseño/Shoshone Bannock).

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