Third Friday, Brides of March, Super SXSW, Phoenix Border Security Expo, and Spring Training Parties Over the Weekend

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photo by Melissa Fossum, art by Emmett Potter
Third Friday in Downtown Phoenix, 3/15/13
There was a variety of beautifully constructed artwork to be found at the March Third Friday Artwalk, from the 7 C's display at Bragg's Pie Factory to tamales and Latino art at {9} Gallery, the What Tribe exhibition at Sagrado, pop art at Modified Arts, Merkel McClendon's alters at Eye Lounge, and an assortment of robots at Jobot.

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Benjamin Leatherman
Brides of March in Downtown Phoenix, 3/16/13
Some were frilly, others were funky, and the rest were just downright silly looking. But almost everyone participating in the zaniness of the latest Brides of March bar crawl on Saturday, March 16, came dressed in a white bridal dress in one form or another and came ready to drink. After gathering at Kobalt, the madcap mass of marriage frock-adorned revelers boarded the light rail and headed for such downtown Phoenix drink dispensaries as Bliss, Amsterdam, and the George and Dragon Pub during an afternoon filled mass alcohol consumption and plenty of amused stares or shocked gawking from onlookers and passers-by.

The Super Weird, Super Cool, and Superstars of a Super SXSW Saturday
Saturday night was the climax of of SXSW, and everyone was out. Walking around, you might have seen some of the biggest names in music, costumed crazies, and a whole bunch of people too cool to look at the camera. Marco Torres was on hand to capture the grand finale of SXSW.

Weston Phippen
Phoenix Border Security Expo: Assault Weapons, Drones, and Hummers
We all should feel much safer knowing the 180 companies that have devoted so much time and resources to keeping our border safe from low-grade pot and Mexican immigrants. Check out the full story here.

Benjamin Leatherman
Club Candids: Celebrating Spring Training in Old Town Scottsdale
Spring training is kind of a big thing in Scottsdale, so the Club Candids cameras spent a recent Sunday afternoon in Old Town with all the revelers doing some day-drinking after the game at such spots as The Firehouse, Spanish Fly, Shotgun Betty's, The Lodge, and Barney's Boathouse.

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