Tempe's Bike Saviours Forced to Move; Collective Looks for New Location

Come April 5, the cycling fiends at Bike Saviours will need to find a new home.

The Tempe-based nonprofit bicycle collective was founded in 2007, and currently calls a spot behind Sunset Clothing Exchange, 601 University Drive in Tempe, home. But according to collective member (and Jackalope Ranch contributor) Heather Hoch, the Saviours were notified last week by landlords that they'd need to find somewhere else to operate by the end of the month.

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"We're excited to change it up and start fresh, but it will be a lot of work," writes Hoch. "Since we'll need time to prep everything and find a place, the shop will be closed March 25 onward with as short of a hiatus as possible. Unfortunately, this also means that Art Night is on hiatus until we can figure everything out with our new space."

Bike Saviours is a hands-on education center dedicated to teaching bike maintenance and repair, as well as cycling laws and general Phoenix cycling info. The shop also offers affordable used bike parts, low-cost repairs, and workshops to the public.

Hoch writes that members are asking the public for help with finding a new space (they're looking for retail/warehouse space with about 1,000 square feet around public transportation hub in Tempe) and input on what the new space should focus on. The collective will host a moving party on March 30 and 31 with free beverages (and a whole lot of appreciation) for volunteers.

For more information and to help out with suggestions, check out the Bike Saviours website.

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Details that would affect my response to this new item:

 Why is the landlord evicting them and is this action 100% lawful on the landlord's part?  Did they pay their rent?  Do they have a lease agreement, and if so, how far in advance have they known that the lease would be expiring and not renewed?  If they have so much appreciation from their volunteers, how do we find out they are delinquent or whatever, now that it is too late to really work to solve their problem?  Could this have been addressed six months or a year ago?


@james0tempe I can confirm these details. BS did not know that their rent was not making it to the landlord (nor do they know for how long this was going on..) and received very short notice to move out. This information was made public almost immediately.  BS has never been late paying bills and the collective is extremely financially responsible! Thanks for doing your due diligence, I'm sure you can also e-mail any questions to the collective.


@james0tempe From what I heard Bike Saviors were subletting the space from another tenant. That tenant was not paying the owner however. The owner was really understanding in working with the group, but he's gotta make money. All is good though, they have found a new space across from Boulders on Broadway ( Roosevelt and University ).

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