ASU's Sparky Mascot Gets a (Pretty Scary) Facelift from Disney in Hopes of "Appealing to a Younger Audience"

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Arizona State University announced this afternoon that Sparky, the Sun Devil mascot, got (another) facelift.

Like Madonna, the mascot is re-imagined every few years (in 2011, he got a creepy mustache and a new jersey) and has been updated more than a dozen times since 1946, explain ASU staff members on the university's website.

But this year, ASU called in the big guns at Disney to help imagine a Sparky that would "appeal to younger audiences."

Luckily those younger members have already been exposed to Cruella De Vil, Ursula, Jafar, and Maleficent, because this Sparky's about to cause some more nightmares. Check him out in full video after the jump:

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The redesign is the result of a collaboration with Disney in ASU's InnovationSpace, where students are now learning from Disney artists.

And while university spokespeople were careful to note that the design will not replace the official trademark image of Sparky (illustrated in 1946 by Disney artist Berk Anthony), they did note that the new character will be used in animation, comic books, and children's stories.

Because there's no better way to market a big-money university to a bunch of youngsters (like this one) than through a shiny red-eyed, goatee'd devil.

The new Sparky will make his first public appearance in April at the spring football game and will continue to show his face at football games throughout the fall season. You can grab apparel and merch with new Sparky at Sparky's Stadium Shop and the Sun Devil Campus Stores.

Fork off, little devils.

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david_saint01 topcommenter

lol ok, im a bit confused here...why would ASU ask Disney to remake the Sun Devil when it was originally done to slam Walt Disney? Of course they are going to make it look like shit! lol yes, the original Sun Devil artist was fired by Walt, and hated him so much he made the Devil look like him (true story)///


Looks like the demented brother of the Burger King dude.


See also, "Childhood's End," by Arthur C. Clarke

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