Second Annual Yoga Rocks the Park Series is Back in the Valley with Outdoor Yoga, Music Performances, and Local Artists

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Courtesy of Yoga Rocks the Park
It's finally that time of year again when Phoenicians venture back outside and post bragging Facebook statuses about how amazing it is to live in Arizona. (That is, until it starts to heat up, subsequent bitching statuses ensue, and we all question why the hell we live here in the first place.)

Just in time to satisfy the masses with outdoor activities is Yoga Rocks the Park, with its second annual six-week takeover of valley parks, offering outdoor yoga with a bevy of local vendors and musicians performing. We talk with the Phoenix chapter's event director Kristina Krump about how she brought the event to Arizona, why she's passionate about yoga, what anyone wanting to attend the events should know.

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Krump joined the organization after two yoga friends and teachers came back from the series in Omaha.

"They came back excited by the community atmosphere, good times and joy that was associated with the event," says Krump. "I tried to get them to bring the event to Phoenix, and they, in turn, encouraged me to organize and run the Phoenix location. It has been a gift."

Yoga Rocks the Park originally formed in Denver as a fundraiser, Krump says, for a non-profit called Yoga World Reach. It's now in nine locations around the country, with each city allowed to choose local non-profits to support. Phoenix's charity is The Melonhead Foundation, which helps support the needs of children with cancer and their families.

Krump is passionate about yoga, and believes everyone can find a practice that suits his or her personality.

"Yoga has helped me create a strong foundation of personal values, intentions and lifestyle," says Krump. "When I practice yoga I get in touch with the place that is always at peace and has clear direction and focus. Personally, yoga makes me feel strong, calm, and flexible physically and allows me to practice those same skills mentally. I am a better mother and human being because of my yoga practice."

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