The Five Worst Movies Based on Video Games

Categories: Video Games
1. Anything by Uwe Boll
Directed by: Uwe Boll

Uwe Boll, who's proclaimed himself the only genius in the movie industry, has made ten movies based on video games. If the directors of the other films on this list can take solace in one thing, it's that at least they didn't make any of them. Boll's films, many of which are direct-to-DVD releases, are all produced on minimal budgets and include such catastrophes as House of the Dead, Bloodrayne, Postal and In The Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale.

Most of Boll's abortions weren't even based on good games--at least the other films on this list borrowed from quality source material. Not that choosing good games to base movies on would help. He tried that with Far Cry and Alone in the Dark, the latter of which includes a scene where you can see a slain character get up to walk off set. At least they didn't have to watch the rest of the movie. Honestly, I don't even know how Uwe Boll can watch his own movies -- they really are that bad.

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