The Five Worst Movies Based on Video Games

Categories: Video Games
2. Street Fighter
Directed by: Steven E. de Souza

This infamous adaptation of the famous arcade game is bad even for a Jean-Claude Van Damme movie. Much of the dialogue is unintelligible, but that's almost preferable to the campy one-liners that plague the rest of it. The over-the-top fight scenes, the central element of the film, look like they were choreographed by a 13 year old.

This movie cast a Belgian to play Guile, whose entire character design centered on him being American. Raul Julia's performance as General M. Bison is the only decent performance, but even his casting isn't faithful to the muscle-bound character from the games. The film adapts a mostly-serious fighting game with fantasy elements and turns it into a comical B movie that's about as painful to watch as a roundhouse kick to the face.

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