The Five Worst Movies Based on Video Games

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It's a mystery which movies will take home the big honors this weekend at the 85th Academy Awards. The winning films might be based on a book or use an original screenplay, but one thing is for sure: No Oscars will be going to movies based on video games.

A surprisingly large number of video games have been adapted into films over the years, which is rather odd when you consider nearly every such film has been even worse than, say... Spider-Man 3.

Here's a list of the five most egregious movies based on video games. Watch at your own risk:

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5. Super Mario Bros.
Directed by: Rocky Morton & Annabel Jankel

The directors of this particular abomination decided that the traditional setting for the Super Mario Bros. games was too colorful; instead, they set it in an alternate universe where humans evolved from reptiles. This alternate world, a dystopian version New York, is supposed to be gritty but comes across as ridiculous. It's fitting, though, because the thought process that led to this film only makes sense in an alternate universe.

Actors Dennis Hopper, John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins all credit this film as the worst mistake of their careers. It bombed at the box office, not even making half of its $48 million budget. That's hardly surprising; any movie that expects viewers to take these guys seriously as villains is doomed to fail.

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