Seven Must-See Art Exhibitions This Third Friday in Downtown Phoenix

Categories: Visual Art

"Exit Music" by Geoffrey Gersten
5. Geoffrey Gersten @ Modified Arts
Geoffrey Gersten is a Phoenix-based contemporary surrealist painter who will showcase his latest work tonight at Modified Arts.

"To grow as an artist and learn how to paint, I would flip through documentary books on Turner, Velasquez, and Gainsborough until I encountered paintings so immensely beautiful that I could not turn the page," the artist writes. "I would not turn the page for several days. I left books open on my bed, the floor, the desk, any surface around to display the paintings that I "reverse engineered" to discover the secrets of traditional technique in oil painting. I felt like my heart lived in those great paintings." Modified Arts will be open from 6 to 11 p.m.

Fred Tieken
4. Fred Tieken, Richard and Michele Bledsoe @ Obliq Gallery
Check out new artwork Tieken and Richard and Michele Bledsoe tonight at Obliq Gallery. The gallery is a contemporary urban "pop up" gallery at the Arizona Center.

"CHANGING LANES" is Tieken's latest series of modern figurative paintings that draw from life experiences. The Bledsoes from the now-defunct Deus Ex Machina gallery will show their latest paintings. Obliq gallery is open from 5 to 8 p.m.

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