The Five Best Wes Anderson Commercials

Categories: Film and TV

3. Hyundai, "Modern Life"


This is just one of the two spots directed by Anderson that aired during the Oscars last year. They're clearly aimed at film-going audiences and Anderson fans will eat them up. Both are great, but we prefer this one, "Modern Life." It's short but totally Wes with his signature camera movements (always keep on eye on the background) and controlled chaos.

The other ad, "Talk to My Car," is worth a look -- but didn't make our list.

2. AT&T


Fans of Anderson's work won't be able to watch this ad without thinking back on the great shot of the submarine in Life Aquatic. This is one of six-part set of AT&T commercials all of which expose the director's love for the floating background, single-shot technique. We particularly like this one for a single reason: "Hi, Klaus."

The other ads feature a reporter and salesman.

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