The Five Best Wes Anderson Commercials

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Fans will know Rushmore's red berets and the furry hat from Anderson's newest film, Moonrise Kingdom.
Those who enjoy film director Wes Anderson's visual style, witty dialouge, and sepia-soaked color schemes -- well, they just get it. Some people, actually a lot of people, don't. There's very little middle ground on the subject, which is why he might not be a natural choice to direct commercials for national ad campaigns.

But that hasn't prevented companies from paying him to produce spots completely soaked in all aspects of his signature style. There are plenty out there, but we gathered a few of our favorites for the five best Wes Anderson-directed commercials to date.

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5. Sony, "Made of Imagination"


Titled "Made of Imagination," the commercial makes us want to hug our phones and put them carefully on the table so as not to disturb the tiny robots inside. The adorable stop-motion work features one boy's vision of how Sony's Xperia smartphone works. Anderson worked with animation studio Laika to make the eight-year-old's dream come to life.

4. Stella Artois


A Wes Anderson/Roman Coppola mash up would have most cult film fans swooning and this beer commercial really does deliver on the 1960s French vibe and clean, symmetrical sets of Anderson's work. The 60-second spot, like the tagline at the end, is a thing of artistic beauty.

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