The Best (and Worst) Super Bowl Commercials of 2013

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2. Mercedes Benz: Best concept

Mercedes didn't hold back on its new marketing attempt at cornering the younger, hipper (and poorer) crowd. The commercial came off as more of a mini-film, thanks in part to its special effects and style of filming, as well as featuring the legendary Willem Dafoe, the beautiful Kate Upton, and crowd-pleasing Usher. The premise finds a young man having a drink inside an old, dark bar and watching an ad for a new Mercedes car go up on the billboard outside. Enter Willem Dafoe, playing the devil, who offers to make the man's dreams come true with the car if he makes a deal with him. Cue the man's visions of what his life would be like if he did own the car, including Upton pulling him in as her date at a red-carpet event, dancing with Usher, and being featured on a bevy of magazines, just to name a few. Just as the man's about to sign the deal with the devil, the last part of the billboard goes up, showing the starting price of the car in an affordable range for him. No deal!

1. Doritos: Most hilarious

Doritos wins for best laugh-out-loud inducing commercial, with its ridiculous goat/man friendship that bond over their love of Doritos. Unfortunately for the man his goat loves Doritos perhaps a little too much, and its nonstop chomping pervades his dreams and every waking moment, driving him insane and to the desperate point of selling the goat and hiding all of the Doritos. The best part is when the goat goes to the pantry and discovers it's empty. His screams are utterly hysterical. Making the commercial even better is the fact that it's fan-made and fan-voted, as part of Doritos' "Crash the Super Bowl" contest. If fans can make commercials this good, it makes you wonder why all companies don't have these kinds of contests!

Whenever there is good, there must be bad, and there were definitely some not-so-good Super Bowl commercials.

We'll spare you an entire list, but here are the worst two:


The disgusting makeout session between the gorgeous Bar Refaeli and no-name nerd was cringe and gag inducing, to say the least. It was so unnecessary and disgusting, we can't imagine how the marketing execs could have ever thought it was a good idea. We know GoDaddy is famous for shock and awe, but this was just way more shock and gag. (Its other commercial, which ended with the main character calling his server a sky waitress and everyone on the plane, including Danica Patrick as pilot, laughing like cheeseballs was funny)

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