Steve Wiley on Teaching Kids to Enjoy the Moment, Not Fear the Future

I Ain't A Scared of You

Hopefully this is a philosophy that will help them reduce their fears. Especially their fear of the future. Hopefully that fear-reduction will lead them to more creative, hopeful lives.

Because like every other parent, I just want 'em to be happy. Right now.

Bonus Kid's Book Take: A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called Three Favorite Kids Books with Great Messages. I left off the book Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt because I knew I was going to write this post, and I knew the message applied.

The book deals with a young squirrel who's afraid of the unknown, of taking a chance, of Martians, of germs, of many aspects of life. One day he's forced out of his nut tree, and by exploring the unknown, he learns to fly, literally. It's message is not unlike that of this blog, and it's easier for little kids to understand. If you'd like a more grown-up book, try The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts.

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