Steve Wiley on Teaching Kids to Enjoy the Moment, Not Fear the Future

Kids, I'd Like to Introduce You To The Moment.

That's not the way I'm approaching it with my kids. I'm trying to teach my kids to spend as much time as possible appreciating the now-moment and spend as little time as possible worrying about future.

Notice I italicized worrying. That's because I'm not telling them to ignore the future (although that will be a now-moment too), just not to spend too much time worrying about it. That's because it won't insure any security and it takes your focus off the moment.

Instead, I'm suggesting they try this:

Start with this question: "Am I OK right now?" If you are OK, and amazingly most of us are, then that's the most important thing.

Enjoy right now. Now that you realize you are OK, be thankful and enjoy the amazing manifestations of God all around you.

Follow your bliss. This isn't my original philosophy (there's probably no such thing as "original philosophy" after all these centuries, and I learned this phrase from Joseph Campbell), but it's a tremendous one. I tell 'em not to wait until someday down the road to do what you love. Don't work a shitty job so at some point you can make enough money to someday follow your bliss. Do it now. (Watch the Alan Watts "What If Money Was No Object" video on the previous page, it's great on this point.)

Deal with the shit when it hits the fan. Regardless of whatever philosophy you choose to follow, or believe, or push, the shit is gonna hit the fan. Roll with the waves when they come and accept that whatever it is was meant to be - because it's actually happening.

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