Steve Wiley on Teaching Kids to Enjoy the Moment, Not Fear the Future

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, There's Always Tomorrow?

Notice the trend? It's all about the future.

Will the terrorists get us? Will the government turn on us? Will we fall off a fiscal cliff?

Will we be OK in the FUTURE?

Because you see, we human beings need our security. And even if it's virtually impossible to guarantee even five minutes into the future... we're gonna do whatever it takes to pretend like we've got it under control and provide some.

You may have seen evidence of this on TV: We need to build a bunker, buy a bunch of guns and food, and prepare for all hell to break loose. We need lay low now, so we can stock up a bunch of money, and then we'll do some stuff when we are old. Or perhaps we can form a religion, please our deity, and maybe things will be cool after we die.

Whatever it takes to feel secure and reduce the fear. Fear of the future.

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