Everything You Need to Know About Sony's PS4

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Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Now that some time has passed since Sony announced the PlayStation 4, we've decided to take a step back and compile what we do and don't know about the next-gen console.

Sony has announced many great features and a couple of unpopular ones, but the company is still quiet on certain details about the system. Although some information hasn't been released, there is definitely a lot to like about what we've heard so far.

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What we know it does:

  • Suspend mode: The PS4 allows you to power down the console without losing your place in a game. This lets you jump right back into a game after turning the system back on without waiting for the machine to turn on.
  • DualShock 4: The new PS4 controller features a touch pad, motion sensor, built-in speaker, headphone jack, and is Bluetooth-enabled. The controller can be charged while the PS4 is on standby, which saves a lot of power in the long run.

  • Used games: Although individual game publishers may be able to block the games, Sony itself won't prevent you from playing used titles on the PS4. Rumor has it that Microsoft will adopt a block on used games with its next-gen console.
  • Social gaming: The "Share" button on the DualShock controller will allow you to take quick screenshots or videos and share them with your friends. Live streaming is also possible on the PS4.
  • Cloud gaming: All PS4 games will be available as digital downloads. You can also play these games before they even finish downloading fully.
  • New generation, same prices: Game prices will start at 99 cents and won't surpass $59.99.
  • 3D capable: The PS4 will support 3D, but it's not a focus, according to Sony.
  • Voice communication: Sony is set to release a new headset that plugs directly into the DualShock 4, increasing the prevalence of voice chat on the PlayStation Network.
  • PS4 on the go: An application for Android and iOS will allow mobile devices to act as a second screen for the system, allow remote content purchases and most likely include a messaging service.
  • Background apps: Certain apps, such as the web browser, can run in the background of games so you can access them without leaving the game you're playing.

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