Actress Sherri Shepherd Talks 30 Rock, Plan D, and Her Upcoming Stand-Up Show at Tempe Center for the Arts

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Sherri Shepherd is a force of nature. In addition to co-hosting The View and starring as Angie Jordan in 30 Rock, Shepherd has created her own line of wigs and will release her second book this Spring.

This weekend, the Emmy-winning actress comes to the Tempe Center for the Performing Arts to tape her comedy special It's My Time to Talk. We talked to Shepherd to get the scoop on this latest endeavor and find out about some of her other performance ventures.

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Sherri Shepherd on 30 Rock
How long have you been working on the material for this special?

About a year or year and a half. My roots are standup. I started with Jamie Foxx and Chris Tucker and Monique when I was doing standup comedy. Then the acting took off and started paying my bills, but I never strayed from doing standup comedy. Then when I got the spot on the View, I didn't do standup for a while so a lot of people don't even know that that's where I started. So this taping is a really great way to just get back in there and let everybody know I'm a standup comedian.

Is standup where you feel most comfortable?

They're all different beasts. And I love them all. But I love being on stage because you can't blame anybody but yourself. I love sharing my story, my journey. But I also love acting; that's a lot of fun. I can't figure out which one I like the best so I'm glad that I just get to keep doing all of the things that I love.

Do you ever get stage fright before a performance?

When I do Dancing With The Stars, I get major stage fright. Because that is something that was completely out of my comfort zone -- dancing and doing a samba, a rumba, a tango, and a jive. I realized it as I was standing there and they announced, "dancing the Jive! Sherri Shepherd and her partner Val Chmerkovskiy," and I was like, "I got stage fright -- here we go!"

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